Retail Calling Card Business

RETAIL Calling Card Business

Leasing calling card business in the MENA Region, Mega Tel is offering best VOIP calling card Deals and country prices in the Region.

Competitive Retail prices at top quality.
Our team has long study experience in the market and are up to date updating prices to compete with market prices and preserving the quality at its best all the time.
24/7 technical Support.
Simply just by dialing 77777 number via the App, one of our top notch customer support members will answer and resolve your queries on the spot.
24/7 Sales Support.
Simply by Dialing 99999 via the APP, one of our sales representatives will be ready to hear from you.
Holidays promotions.
During each Holiday promotion campaign will be prepared with attractive offers that will help make the holiday more interesting.
Mobile Top-UP, you can recharge your Mobile, colleagues, family's or friend's
Mobiles by simply using our Mobile Top-up service by simply selecting the amount you want to transfer and the the Mobile number of the user who you want to receive the credits.
Cost Effective Services
Mega Tele offers affordable local and international calling rates with high-definition voice quality.


2.00 JD

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