Wholesale Solutions and Services

Global Telecom Services

A. For Carrier

Insuring carrier’s traffic to be connected to worldwide destinations over routes with competitive market prices at best voice quality.

B. For Consumer

* Solutions for retailers and calling card shops.
* VoIP-phone applications, and calling services for end-users at low prices

Local and International Gateway Management

Mega Tel is managing partner’s Gateways directly interconnected to local network operators in terms of technical maintenance, accounting and revenue assurance, rating & routing capabilities, and expanding business opportunity by introducing new client’s voice traffic to the gateway.

Fraud Voice Traffic Detection and Prevention

For whom who is experienced in the telecom Business for a long time is the most of all aware of the multiplying fraudulent and illegal methods to abuse legitimate voice traffic and even telecom industries’ gateways? Such of the most used fraud techniques can be:

A. Hijacked traffic to a false answer route or switch such as calls with FAS (false answer supervision) results or calls to fake central offices with fake users answering the line.

B. Spam traffic generated to sabotage local Network Gateways and choke the direct routes to a certain destination affecting the routes KPI standards and performance.

C. Audio-text traffic to premium numbers usually with access by accepting hijacked traffic generated from usually a telephony switch and routed to gateways with false media IVR answer.

D. Traffic to Simbox which will illegally accepts traffic routed over the carrier’s cloud to a local unlegislated media gateway bypassing the operator’s international gateway.

New generation technology to detect and prevent such fraud attempts from flowing through client’s network.

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